Subpart L - Scaffolds (pkg. of 10)

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Every year, OSHA releases its list of the 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards – and since 2002, Scaffolding/Construction has been on that list. Take a proactive stance against this chronic nationwide problem by training your workers with Mancomm's Subpart L: Scaffolds in Construction (1926.450), a 20-page 8.5” x 11” guide, sold individually or in packets of 10, featuring the OSHA Construction Industry regulations on scaffolds. Scaffolding, by its very nature, holds potential for danger. Scaffolds are usually built as a temporary framework made from pipes and platforms. Employees who work on scaffolding are subjected to multiple hazards – some associated with the temporary nature of the structure and others inherent in any building project. The types of accidents associated with scaffolding are many and varied. They include falls without proper protection, electrocution from nearby power lines, and even the collapse of the scaffolding itself. The scaffold guide is part of Mancomm's Regulations in Focus Series. Safety trainers will find these guides especially useful. If a trainer is instructing on a particular topic, these guides streamline the process by providing only the needed regulations. The guides also serve as ideal instructional material for trainees because they are made with RegLogic CFR™, which takes the difficulty out of reading and using government regulations. RegLogic CFR™ makes it easy for trainees to find and understand vital information.

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